Welcome to Beato Chocolates

Thought is made in the mouth.”
― Tristan Tzara, author “Dada Manifesto 1918”

Beato chocolates is inspired by the life and art of Beatrice “Beato” Wood. Living to be 105, Wood attributed her longevity to “art books, chocolate and young men.” The “Mama of Dada”, Wood was known for her passion, spirituality, wit, and love of the “reasonable and unreasonable.” Beato Chocolates produces fine, creative chocolates using Beato’s original molds and Dada influenced lines of confections using local ingredients when possible.

Our retail store, named the “Beato Chocolate Lounge”, is in the Porch Gallery Ojai and serves as a comfortable lounge space where, in addition to purchasing chocolate, visitors can browse art books and current exhibitions, and attend special events.

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