Our Products

We feature solid dark chocolate made from Beatrice Wood's original molds, and a variety of mendiants. Our chocolate is 72% cacao and Fair Trade Certified. Contact us for more information about our products or for special orders.

"Moon Face” chocolate sculpture. In 1947, Beatrice Wood moved to the Ojai Valley, christened the “Valley of the Moon” by the native Chumash tribes. The original ceramic sculpture mold was created in Wood’s Ojai studio, located on a hilltop overlooking what she described as “one of the most beautiful valleys of the world.”

Horse chocolate sculpture, re-created from Beatrice Wood’s abstract horse ceramic sculpture mold. Wood’s small sculptures were created as both stand-alone pieces and integrated into larger vessels. As she ultimately settled in Ojai's Happy Valley, a picturesque region full of wildflowers and horse pastures, horses and elements of nature became reoccurring subjects of Beato's work.